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C2 & C3: The Sacred Marriage & Sacred Breath

  • London, United Kingdom (map)

The Sacred Marriage

The 13th Circuit reconnects the Pranic Tube from the occiput to the coccyx, activating and integrating the 12 Foundation Circuits.

Pathways of electromagnetic life-force are reinstated at both ends of the pranic tube running concurrent with the spinal cord. The occiput, at the top of the pranic tube, holds the resonant field for the galactic life directive – the seed impulse (electric, masculine and activating). The coccyx, at the base of the pranic tube, holds the resonant field in alignment with Earth’s Gaia-spheric receptors (magnetic, feminine and integrating). Together manifest creation occurs, as the life-force is activated, integrated, synthesized and crystallised into form.

This Ceremony of Activation and Integration escorts us into the geometric tantric courtship between the Mother of Form and the Father of Consciousness. As an electromagnetic conduit is re-established between the pranic tube, the etheric blueprint and the Source of Creation we begin to embody our highest evolutionary purpose - to become a conscious conduit of light - to fully express our Earth instrument.

Sacred Breath

Breath… the unspoken vow between spirit and matter.

The Ceremony of Sacred Breath reconnects 7 Breath Circuits, activating the Pranic mechanism in resonance with the 6th element, Stellar Radiance. 13 pieces of stellated geometry provide the alchemic component within the code. Each reconnected circuit harmonises a specific grouping of chakras enabling the system to absorb a wider spectrum of prana, which in turn creates greater resonance with hitherto dormant receptors in the brain.

The Sacred Breath Ceremony not only activates and integrates 7 Breath Circuits, but also all previously reconnected circuits as it provides the binding factor within the holonomic mechanism of the Human bio-function.




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