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C5 & C6: The Temple of Time & Worldbridger 1

  • Grimbergen Belgium (map)

C5: The Temple of Time

The reconnection of the 8 Time Circuits restores Human-Solar symbiosis as an energetic co-ordinate in the Human electro-magnetic field and the heart-mind-body system.

8 extraordinary pieces of sacred geometry, holding the frequency co-ordinates of the interface between the Human and the Sun, Earth, Mercury, Mars, Venus, Jupiter, Saturn and the destroyed planet Maldek are used in this ceremony in the restoration of cosmic order.

C6: Worldbridger

This ceremony uses three pieces of vortex geometry, the Stellar Vortex, Gaia Vortex and Solar vortex to re-connect the first level of the ‘Spherecuit’, tested by kinesiology at the extent of the outstretched arms, encompassing the 33 circuits connected in C1-C5 and embracing the Human holonom within the transmission frequency of Galactic Centre.

Worldbridger 1 is the first stage of Actualisation. 

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For information about ceremonies contact
Liesbeth Michiels and Remco van Dijk.
+32 486 600 254

Price of each ceremony is €88 or €520 for the series of 6

For more information about the ceremonies, email Jennifer at


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C4: Source